About Understand the Cloud

Nick & Judith @ Ignite 2017

Welcome to Understand The Cloud, a joined blog by Nick Visser, Azure Architect, and Judith Steijne, Software Architect. We will write about all things cloud, ranging from implementation to development in the Microsoft world.

All published content en opinions are personal reflections and are not representative for either Microsoft or the company we work for.


Meet Nick

Nick was born in the Netherlands and is a Microsoft Azure Architect. Nick started as a helpdesk employee ten years ago. By following Microsoft courses and earning a bachelor’s degree in business en IT management he evolved his professional career. Nick his interests are in IT management, IT strategy and cloud technologies (like Azure). Nick’s field of specialization is on advising customers to get the most out of their IT.

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Meet Judith

Judith was born in the Netherlands and starting messing around with computers at age 6. She earned her bachelor’s degree in computer science in 2007 and has been working as a software architect and developer ever since. Her field of specialization lies in Office 365 and SharePoint, for which she designs and builds different types of solutions to enhance the overall user experience. Judith’s interests are in designing and developing the solutions and assisting IT professionals in their jobs.

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